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Smart Home Studio UI Kit

Smart Home Studio UI Kit

Today we are featuring a great freebie created by InVision

The Smart Home UI kit by InVision has all you need to manage those smart devices like thermostats, lights, and other appliances that make for a connected modern home.

Smart Home isn’t a real app, but it’s ready for you to make it your own with the following core screens ready to go. Screens included are Onboarding, Overview, Devices, Analytics, Rules, Gallery, History, and Settings.

Great job!

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Velocity: Studio Dashboard UI kit

Velocity: Studio Dashboard UI kit

Our friends from InVision created this new freebie and shared it with the community

Velocity, a free, responsively designed UI kit you can download to jumpstart your design system and speed up large projects.Velocity is packed with everything you’ll need to prototype and design beautiful, functional experiences for any size screen. It includes 10 page layouts, with 70+ components, More than 300 UI elements, inspired by a dashboard to manage a a fleet of vehicles, and a customizable color scheme based on nested symbols and text styles.

By the way, now that not a lot of designers use Invision Studio anymore as so many people switched to Figma, you can find loads of similar dashboard templates for Figma on

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Breathe - iOS app concept template

Breathe – iOS app concept template

Make sure to have a look at this cool new Invision Studio resource shared by Daniel Korpai

Breathe concept App designed using Studio. Includes page transitions, swiping, secondary triggers, animating masked elements, playing with blend modes and a ton more.

Happy downloading!

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Free Studio dating app concept

Today’s Invision Studio resource is created and shared by Jeans studio.

This amazing freebie includes a total of 20 mobile screens, all featuring classy design and great animations/transitions.

Thanks a lot for sharing this with the Studio community!

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Hooked UI kit Invision Studio

Hooked: a free UI kit for Invision Studio

Hooked is a mobile UI kit for Invision Studio, completely free and created by

Invision Studio is still in its early days, a few areas and features of this tool still need to be improved, but we thought it would be cool to create a little UI kit for the newborn Studio Community.

Hooked is featuring 14 cool looking mobile screens, all forming a colourful, playful and dating-inspired app concept.

It seems to be the very first UI kit for Invision Studio out there at the moment, so we’re pretty excited about that 🙂

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iOS Starter Template for Studio

Check out today’s Invision Studio Freebie created by jasonquiz.

This amazing resource is an iOS starter template designed and animated with Invision Studio. It includes iPhone 8, 8+ and X home screen layout and will resize properly if artboard size changes.

Thanks for sharing!

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