To do list app concept

To do list app concept

Check out today’s freebie, created by Guillaume Parra

Quoting him: “Here is a small animation I made using InVision Studio, their tool is getting more and more easy to use and to create cool animations.”

Cool stuff!

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Cart bubble concept freebie

Today we are featuring another Studio freebie created by Nikhil Yadav.

A very nice cart-bubble pop up that allows multiple product baskets and ready for comparison.

Can be download and used for personal projects only.

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Free Studio dating app concept

Today’s Invision Studio resource is created and shared by Jeans studio.

This amazing freebie includes a total of 20 mobile screens, all featuring classy design and great animations/transitions.

Thanks a lot for sharing this with the Studio community!

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Hooked UI kit Invision Studio

Hooked: a free UI kit for Invision Studio

Hooked is a mobile UI kit for Invision Studio, completely free and created by

Invision Studio is still in its early days, a few areas and features of this tool still need to be improved, but we thought it would be cool to create a little UI kit for the newborn Studio Community.

Hooked is featuring 14 cool looking mobile screens, all forming a colourful, playful and dating-inspired app concept.

It seems to be the very first UI kit for Invision Studio out there at the moment, so we’re pretty excited about that 🙂

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Reading experience filters concept

Here’s a great little freebie created and shared by Daniel Korpai.

It’s a concept of different reading experience filters created with Invision Studio. This includes 4 different filters: Simple, Traditional, Night and Typewriter. Each of them has unique background colors and fonts. An option to customize the reading experience is also also enabled.

Thanks for sharing this!

PS: to download this resource for free, just click on the button below and, on the Gumroad page, type “0” in the price textbox.

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