Hooked UI kit Invision Studio

Hooked: a free UI kit for Invision Studio

Hooked is a mobile UI kit for Invision Studio, completely free and created by StudioAmigos.com.

Invision Studio is still in its early days, a few areas and features of this tool still need to be improved, but we thought it would be cool to create a little UI kit for the newborn Studio Community.

Hooked is featuring 14 cool looking mobile screens, all forming a colourful, playful and dating-inspired app concept.

It seems to be the very first UI kit for Invision Studio out there at the moment, so we’re pretty excited about that 🙂

Click on the image below to see the full-size view.

hooked invision studio big


For this kit, we used iPhone 8 artboards sizes and every element is 100% vector.

There are no animations included, we only wanted to focus on pure mobile UI elements which can be easily re-used.

All the resources used are completely free to use: fonts from Google Fonts, icons from Font Awesome and free stock photos from Pexels.com.

Feel free to use this UI kit in your personal Invision Studio projects or also for client work.

And obviously feel free to link to this page, but please do not re-distribute the UI kit .studio file without asking for our permission first.

Hope you enjoy it!




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